How I Met Your Mother Spoiler Alert

Neighborhood watch.

Neighborhood watch.

Having two french bulldogs means that you get to argue about whether was just a fart or an actual poo. 

Will: No that has to be a poo.


It’s officially spring!!! I just heard the ice cream truck music.


Sometimes all it takes is one person. One person to ruin your day and another person to bring it all right back around.


Roll out, tonight at 10:30PM on Comedy Central

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A Dad’s Labor of Love: Beautiful Wedding Photos of Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head

It can often be a challenge explaining to others what we do as photographers, whatever genre of work we may be in. But where we often struggle to explain our vocation to friends or family, in wedding photographer Chris Thornton‘s case, it was his 3-year-old son whose understanding of what his dad did as a wedding photographer wasn’t quite pieced together.

And so, he decided to put his creativity and photographic abilities to use and do what any good father would do: he put it into terms his son would not only understand, but appreciate.

What Thornton did was shoot a wedding just for his son. And who was the lucky couple to get the complimentary wedding coverage, you ask? None other than Mr. and (now) Mrs. Potato head.

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adulthoodisokay:  laughterkey:  adulthoodisokay:  laughterkey:  THE TIME HAS COME. THE MAIN COURSE HAS ARRIVED. LET THE DANCING CORNUCOPIA BE FREE!       WAITIN FOR THE BUS IN THE RAIN IN THE RAIN WAIT WAITIN FOR THE BUS IN THE RAIN  I GIS gif-searched “potato intensifies” and I found this:

This is adorable, and also the perfect opportunity to finally confess that the dancing potato is probably my favorite gif of all time.

hide the good you do & make known the good done to you. — imam ali (via brookesnooks)

(via brookesnooks)